Qualifications and Training 


Qualifications Date


SVQ 2 Progression Award August 2004

SVQ 3 Early Years and Childcare Education October 2006

First Aid for Childcarers (updated) February 2008

REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene October 2005

REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene (updated) September 2008

REHIS Food and Health March 2008


Training and Workshops




Community Childminding Service Training March 2009

Health for All Conference March 2009

Inclusion Conference January 2009




Quality Childminding – Building Confident Children November 2008

Story Telling October 2008

Global Citizenship October 2008

Birth to 3 – Curiosity September 2008

Autism Awareness June 2008

Self-Assessment and Grading (Tutored) Jan-June 2008

Everybody In-Inclusive Leisure Training March 2008

Planning Principles Practice and Paperwork (Tutored) March 2008

Healthy Eating Workshop March 2008

Art in the Making February 2008

Supporting Children and Families Through Change (Tutored) February 2008

Free Play February 2008

Equality of Opportunity (Tutored) January 2008

Child Protection Workshop January 2008




Supporting Children's Learning and Development November 2007

Key Ingredients of Play October 2007

Tiny Talk October 2007

Nurture through Nature September 2007

Effective Early Development and Learning March 2007

Let's Get Out March 2007


Me, Myself and I Sessions 1 and 2 March 2007

Funny Foam February 2007

How are you today? Sessions 1 and 2 February 2007

Food for Thought Sessions 1 to 3 February 2007

Lets Go January 2007




An Introduction to Birth to Three/Peek-a-boo December 2006

Helping Young Children to Learn through Movement March 2006

Visibility Impairment Training March 2006

Wonderboxes March 2006

Treasure Basket Workshop March 2006

The Tweenies March 2006

Managing Children's Behaviour February 2006

Play or Curriculum January 2006

Birth to Three – An Introduction January 2006




Child Protection – Update November 2005

Children's Rights Course for Childcare Workers February 2005

Digital Camera Training Course for Childcare Workers February 2005

The Funky Blue Smurfs Participation Training January 2005




Infectious Grooves 4-12 years Course March 2004

Child Protection (Advanced) February 2004

Support Early Learning and Dyslexia Awareness February 2004

Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop for childminders February 2004

Solution Oriented Approaches to Challenging Behaviour January 2004




Promoting Positive Behaviour and Managing Conflict in Play December 2003

Access for Children with Disabilities Training November 2003

Play and Arts and Crafts March 2003

Child Protection 'Stand Alone' Workshop October 2002

Achieving the Standards October 2002

Meningitis in the Under Fives May 2002

Policy Development Workshops 1 to 6 December 2001

Essential Information for Youth Workers November 2000

Post Registration Workshops May 1999













Childcare Philosophy

Its OK to be grumpy - we all have our 'off' days

You are encouraged to do your best

You are not expected to be perfect

You are expected to follow the rules as best you can

You will be taught right from wrong

There will be someone there to protect you

And most of all, there will always be a pair of loving arms

To hold you when you feel sad