Our Day


7 until 8.45- Arrivals, children have breakfast if required, play quiet games or watch suitable TV or videos.

8.45 until 9.15- School run.

9.15 until 10 -  Free play.

10 until 12 noon-Monday  Childminding Drop-in
                        Tuesday  Toddler Group
                        Wednesday  Free play
                        Thursday  Toddler Group
                        Friday  Free play

12 noon until 1pm  Tidy up, wash up and preparation for lunch.

1 until 2.30-Quiet time, wee ones may go for a nap, bigger ones play with quiet toys or watch suitable tv or video.

2.30 until 2.45-  Rouse any sleepyheads and prepare for school run,

2.45 until 3.15-  School run

3.15 until 5.00-  Free play. There is a range of activities available for older children, but this is entirely up to them. 

5.00 until 6.00-   Tidy up, board games, TV or video and preparation for children pick up.

I have no strict rules about what the children do during free play, as long as it is safe and suitable for their age and stage of development.    I have a range of resources for all ages and I like to follow the children's lead as to what they would like to do, though sometimes I will offer suggestions.

Although sometimes the television can seem to be on a lot, I find that children only stop to watch what they are interested in, and ignore it if they prefer to do something else.






Childcare Philosophy

Its OK to be grumpy - we all have our 'off' days

You are encouraged to do your best

You are not expected to be perfect

You are expected to follow the rules as best you can

You will be taught right from wrong

There will be someone there to protect you

And most of all, there will always be a pair of loving arms

To hold you when you feel sad