InspectionReport 2010.pdfWelcome to Keekee's Kids!

Hi, my name is Christine Ross and I have worked as a Registered Childminder in the Abronhill area of Cumbernauld since January 1992, and I still love it!   The name Keekee comes from one child I cared for who could not pronounce Christine.     Soon the other children were copying her and 13 years later I still get called Keekee or Keek by the minded children, so I guess I'm stuck with it!

What is a registered childminder?

Childminders look after children in the childminder's own home.   They are registered with the Scottish Commission for the Regulation of Care, and are inspected every year.

Chldminders can often be more flexible about the hours that they work and they should provide your child with lots of care, fun and learning.   Childminders can make the most of local parks, playgrounds, drop-in groups and local toddler and nursery facilities.

 Childminders and their families are subject to police checks before they can be registered with the Care Commission.

Children often stay with the same childminder from a few months old until well into secondary school, when street cred makes them want to take care of themselves.   If their parents agree!!   Many parents keep the childminder on for emergency contact and sick cover, and so the childminder can become a longstanding friend of the child and family.   This gives great continuity of care and peace of mind to parents.

Once registered, childminders are inspected annually to ensure they are continuing to comply with all criteria set by Care Commission.    To see a copy of my latest report, please click here .    

Every childminder works differently, so it would be important for you to visit as many childminders in your area to find the best childminder for you and your child.    To view my handbook, which explains about the service I provide please click here.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.







Childcare Philosophy

Its OK to be grumpy - we all have our 'off' days

You are encouraged to do your best

You are not expected to be perfect

You are expected to follow the rules as best you can

You will be taught right from wrong

There will be someone there to protect you

And most of all, there will always be a pair of loving arms

To hold you when you feel sad